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Kallisti Apartments - Anilio Pelion

Situated on the eastern side of the Pelion peninsula in the village of Anilio is where you will find "Kallisti Apartments". We are located just 100 meters from the main square of the village, and our apartments are all newly built. We offer a great selection of comfortable and quality accommodation for your visit to Pelion.

Our apartments are categorized as "3 Keys" and great care has been taken in the decoration and furnishing of them. All of our apartments have air condition, satellite TV, hair dryer and fireplace. They also have vernadas where you can take a seat and enjoy some wonderful views across the mountain to the village of Makrirahi.

Kallisti Apartments - Pelion Greece

From the moutainous villages to the small coastal hamlets, the Pelion peninsula is a perfect setting for your rewarding and relaxing holidays in this truly special part of Greece.

We offer two different types of apartment. We have apartments that consist of two rooms that can accommodate upto 6 persons, as well as single room apartments that can sleep upto 3 persons.

We are confident that you will find our apartments very suitable for your holidays and stay here in this beautiful region of Pelion. Our apartments are an ideal base from which you head head off and explore some of the other nearby villages such as Tsagarada ( 12km ), Hania ( 48km ) and Makrirahi ( 3km ).

There are also very beautiful beaches in the region that you can visit during the summer months such as the famous Plake beach ( 4km ) and Agios Saranta beach ( 6km ).

The name of our apartments "Kallisti" comes from one of the myths that originated from Pelion, where the wedding of King Peleas and the Godess Thetis took place. During the wedding reception, the Godess Eris, who was not invited to the wedding, snuck into the reception hiding amongst the others guests. She was carrying a golden apple that was enscribed "For the Most Beautiful" ( Ti Kallisti ).

This apple was claimed by the three most charming Godesses, Athena, Hera and Venus. The decision as to who would be awarded the apple was that of Paris ( Price of Troja ), who acted as referee. He awarded the apple to Venus, a move that ultimately had dire consequences for both his family and country. Years later, the "immortal" Achilles, son of Peleas and Thetis, made a huge contribution to the Trojan War, and his heroic acts during the seige were forever immortalised.

The region of Pelion has played an important role in the history of Greece, both in terms of mythology, as well as real history. Mount Pelion was the home also the home of the Mythical Centaurs, as well as the departure point for Jason and the Argonauts who sailed off in search of the Golden Fleese.

This unique combination of myth and history make the Pelion peninsula a truly unique and inspiring destination for your holidays here in Greece. We hope that we can play a small role in making your Pelion holidays one that you will always remember and cherish.

Kallisti Apartments
Anilio, Pelion Greece
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